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Celebrating the Ganesh Ustav with Rasbiharians.

Students of Rasbihari International School welcomed their favorite “Ganpati Bappa” in innovative ways and celebrated the Ganesh Utsav with great zeal and happiness. Students celebrated this festival by making ‘Ganesha`s Idol’ using paper-plates, CD`s, leaves, drawing and coloring. The teachers  interacted with students during their online sessions and narrated the stories about Lord Ganesha. Also,  teachers demonstrated how […]

Rasbihari International School conducted a virtual Eco-friendly Ganesh Idol making workshop

Students of Rasbihari International School gear up for the upcoming  Ganesh Utsav by participating in Virtual eco-friendly Ganesh Idol Making Workshop. This workshop was organized to ensure that the students are not deprived of the joy of welcoming their favorite Lord Ganpati Bappa during the present catastrophic scenario. Students participated actively in this workshop.   The students artistically sculpted their […]

Teacher’s Day Celebration

Rasbihari students stepped online to honour their teachers via Google meet Grade 10 students made sure no teacher was left out by sending them a virtual invitation card designed by them. This year’s celebration was totally initiated, planned and executed by the students themselves. They planned a series of programmes online. It began with an […]

MATHOPEDIA at Rasbihari – The smartest way to share your ideas.

Have you ever thought that Math could be fun, interesting, engaging, challenging, interactive, and joyful during the pandemic situation?  This is true at Rasbihari!!  Mathopedia session was organized in the school during the second and third weeks of August. It exhibited the students’ creativity as well as their understanding of various mathematical concepts. Grade 6 to 10 students selected […]

National Sports Day Celebration

“While staying home, we staying fit”- Students of Rasbihari International School  celebrate National Sports Day Physical Education is always  considered an integral part of general education. Rasbihari International School has ensured that during this catastrophic situation of lock down, students are not deprived from their physical education activities. On the occasion of The National Sports […]

Tiny tots of Rasbihari exhibit their creativity by performing hands on activities during the virtual classes.

Rasbiharian tiny tots participated in different hands on tasks during their online classes. Students exhibited their creativity by using utensils and creating different images like sun, bicycle, flower, caterpillar etc. It helped the students to go beyond doodling with colors and crayons and encouraged them to enjoy the process of making art. The creativity displayed by the tiny […]