International Day against violence and bullying (including cyber bullying)

In the light of the ” International Day against violence and bullying (including cyber bullying) at school, a short film was shown to grade 9 students. It was informative and knowledgeable. Students took interest and enjoyed watching it. This activity was conducted under the theme “Together against Bullying in School” ensuring safe and secure learning […]

The Aryabhata Ganit Challenge (AGC) 2020.

Dear Parents and students, Greetings! Please go through attached CBSE circular which is about the Aryabhata Ganit Challenge AGC) 2020. To access the challenge, students will need to join the “Aryabhata Ganit Challenge – 2020”course on DIKSHA Platform through the link and directive steps given in the circular. Interested students can participate. Participation certificates will be issued online […]

Halloween party

A Halloween party was planned for the students where they explored the celebration with their questions like ,why the celebration is celebrated? How is it celebrated? What do people do during the celebration? etc. Students were enthusiastic while making scary faces for themselves for the Halloween party. They were creative and made Halloween crafts .  It also helped them to make […]

Cyber security awareness program at Rasbihari International School

Use of digital resource has become a need for everyone. With the introduction of new technologies, devices including smart phones/tablets and innovative applications on such devices, the usage of internet has increased dramatically. However, with increasing application and use of the internet, cyber-crime is emerging as a major challenge.  With schools now back in session, students may be re-establishing in-person friendships […]

Protagonist competition organized at Rasbihari International School, Nashik

An online Inter-House Protagonist competition was organized for students from grade 6 to 8 at Rasbihari International School, Nashik on 12th October 2020. The aim of this competition was to inculcate and encourage the feeling of confidence and presentation among the students.  The criteria included use of appropriate costume and/or prop as per the chosen […]