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‘ Jewelry making’ competition. (Pre-primary)

Arts and crafts are perfect for helping children to develop skills across a range of developmental areas. Pasting, threading the colourful beads, creating bracelets or patterns with smaller beads; encourage children to exercise and refine skills like fine-motor-skills, visual-perceptual skills, cognitive skills, and creativity. An activity that requires some degree of planning, such as making […]

Junior Skills Championships- JuniorSkills 2021.

Dear Parent, Attached herewith a circular for the grade 6th to 9th students for Junior Skills Championships- JuniorSkills 2021. Regards,  Rasbihari International School

Observance of Road Safety month

Dear Parent, Attached herewith a circular for the grade 6th to 10th students on observance of Road Safety month.  Regards,  Rasbihari International School. 

Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day is celebrated to honor the constitution and Republic of our country.  Celebration of this occasion helps the children to be aware of the Indian constitution, unity and integrity of our nation and also provide an opportunity to everyone to be patriotic towards the nation. Rasbihari International School celebrated Republic Day with great pomp […]

Heritage India Quiz

Dear Parent, Attached herewith is the Grade 1 to 10 CBSE Heritage India Quiz circular for the year 2020-21.  Regards,  Rasbihari International School. 


Welcome to Rasbihari International School. Admissions are open for Nursery to 9th.
Exciting offer for Nursery to SR.KG.class admissions.